Playsuits chain straps
Color: Rasin purple
Chest: 32" - 38"
Waist: 24"-28"
Hip: 34"-38"
Fabric: Topshop (Spandex Cotton)

Playsuits chain straps

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  • Use to wear

  • Caring for durable clothing that can be used for a long time has the following principles.
    1. When wearing clothes, be careful not to get stained and cut by sharp objects.
    2. Do not put heavy or sharp objects in the pocket. Because they can break the pockets.
    3. When removed the clothes, and will be worn again. Such as sweaters Suits should not be hung on nails as they will deform and should be hung with a hanger, stored in a well-ventilated place.
    4. Explore the symbols on the clothes tag attached to the clothes. And maintain correctly
    5. Take the things out of the shirt pocket, pants, skirt pocket before removing stains and washing.
    6. Removing stains immediately after being found will save labor and time when washing clothes.
    7. Repair damaged clothes before washing and cleaning.
    8. Separate white fabric And colored clothes for convenience in washing and preventing clothes from being dull or discolored.
    9. Store clothes properly, without wrinkling or deformation, easy to use, free from dust and insects.